Rifter (and Thrasher) challenge: day 5

Lost the Rifter to blues trying to get in to see a AAA and friends POS bash in prov. A displayed my press credentials and a nice gentleman from Atlas let me know where the carnage was happening. Unfortunately they were not too busy to vaporize a pod on arrival.

Sad pants

I guess turnabout is fair play since my Interceptor kill yesterday was Atlas.

Lesson learned-
1. You are never too small to notice.
2. Bring a cloak if you want to see the action.
3. CVA doesn't like it when you post in local that amarrian Jesus cries whenever a SBU onlines.

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  1. I am curious . . . what do you use as 'Press credentials' in a virtual world.

    I have been know to send link to my writing but what is your version?