Its not because its piracy baby! Its because you're a pathetic bitch.

Had a little issue where our WTs sent out a mass evemail as an attempt to sway corp sentiment toward caving in and paying them off. The response was pretty solidly in favor of "Go fuck yourselves you fucking fucks". A lot of calls to not give in to piracy were made.

I'm greatly offended.

For starters, I didn't get my evemail. I'm all over the KB and blog about being in OUCH so thats just sloppy. Bush league, Dark Grendle, pure bush league. I want my fucking evemail like everyone else.

Secondly, I agree that we shouldn't be giving you douchebags a damn thing. Not because its piracy, its not. Its technically extortion, and its technically a shitty amateurish attempt at it. The chat log posted of the exchange was almost painful to read. The spelling and elocution was horrific for one. People may not think it matters, but I'm here to tell you it does. If some violent mongoloid had a gun on me in the real, and asked for cash in a pained stuttering manner I'd probably give in. I'd feel bad for him and not want to risk it. But why the hell would I even consider giving fake money that I amass in pretend internet spaceships to someone who comes across like that in type? I wouldn't. It wouldn't be entertaining, and thats the name of the game. I'm getting all the entertainment out of this by mocking you.

Also, "We'll follow you to nullsec" is not a threat. If you weren't sad half-carebears you'd know that. As I type this there are more people in local than you've ever been able to amass or throw at us. Every one of them would pop me if given the slightest chance. You guys have gotten a little too used to the kiddie pool that is highsec if you think you coming out here is any kind of threat. It may be super duper scary to all the other toddlers that that fat mean kid likes to dunk them under, but its just not much of a threat for you to take off your water wings, come on out to the big boy pool, and try to do what everyone else is trying to do out here as a general principle. Its not even a threat when you repeat it over and over again, like you did in the convo with our head guy.

In closing. You aren't getting shit, and it isn't because what you're doing is piracy or "wrong". Its because you're you and you're just not intimidating enough to pull it off.