Rifter (and Thrasher) challenge: day 5

Lost the Rifter to blues trying to get in to see a AAA and friends POS bash in prov. A displayed my press credentials and a nice gentleman from Atlas let me know where the carnage was happening. Unfortunately they were not too busy to vaporize a pod on arrival.

Sad pants

I guess turnabout is fair play since my Interceptor kill yesterday was Atlas.

Lesson learned-
1. You are never too small to notice.
2. Bring a cloak if you want to see the action.
3. CVA doesn't like it when you post in local that amarrian Jesus cries whenever a SBU onlines.

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Day 4: Rifter (and Thrasher) challenge - butterfly effect?

Logged on to find that a planned fleet op was just wrapping up. I missed it and that gave me sad pants. I tinkered with a new voice ship ID system me and some of the guys are workin on (it's a lot less complicated than it sounds) and that turned my frown upside down. Didn't have the patience to wait for my armor plates to finish cooking for my normal Rifter fit so I nano'd it out a little and launched. Things were pretty dead around Heaven. Cro and fleet bagged a Kestrel off the Sendaya gate and I happened across the wreck in my wanderings. Unlooted. What a waste. Like the noble native American it's important to use all of the kill. It was an obvious cyno alt as 608 units of liquid ozone isn't exactly common freight. That's roughly 150-300k worth. Thank you gents :)
Moving on I noticed the same exact pilot had been popped outside a station in Litom, twice. About that time I noticed a Crow hit local. I'd seen this guy around the area tonight, we seemed to keep passing on gates. Litom is a pipeline system and I knew I'd seen him earlier on the Utopia side of the constellation, so I burned for the Jamunda gate. This is where he got partially unlucky.
Someone had put up a drag bubble 40-50k off the gate and he had caught it trying to straightline it through the system. I landed on the gate at zero because I was coming from the station where I had been poking that cyno pilot's body with a stick.. So I'm between him and he gate. I swear I saw a tumbleweed blow between us. We both engage mwds and burn toward each other, closing the gap in no time. I hit weapons range and open up while disengaging mwd. I must be learning something because I burned past him and pulled into a tight orbit as my scram and web shut him down. It didn't take long and I had chewed him up and podded him. It did seem odd though. I had done some things right tactically, but it shouldn't have been close to as easy as it was. I took a look at the killmail.
No fucking guns. I couldn't believe it. A fully t2 fitted and rigged Interceptor with no guns. The mind boggles, but it all became clear later.
I scooped the loot and dropped it at base and jotted that I was still seeing a Carrier in system. I popped on over to Hemin and decided to camp a bubble someone left on the Utopia gate. A Claw came through but he managed to escape after my first volley. Some guys from the Corp decided to sit there with me and see what we could stir up. We got a local contact and Dscan said Vagabond. I was gettin tired and just as I was asking the guy to come blow me up he hit the gate. I made a burn toward him, but I hit the damn gate on the way which blew my speed. His first salvo hit me about the time his Warrior IIs got there. I got my pod out. I clipped the edge of the warp bubble on the way back in to jump home and he was nice enough not to pod me as I slow Oates the 1k I had come up short. He was probably busy, I noticed has escorting that same damn cyno alt through. Suddenly I got it. They were moving through Heaven to kick ass in Providence. We see U'K around a lot, but not AAA or Atlas so much. Cyno alts, Carriers sitting around, and Interceptors bound for action where tackling is vital, but small guns aren't even worth fitting. Looks like something might be goin down this weekend. I sure hope so because the provi war is my super bowl and it's been kind of quiet. I want another D-G or Unity station.

Lessons learned-
1. Bouncing off shit will screw you up every time.
2. Check the wrecks you see. People leave the weirdest shit for the taking.
3. That butterfly effect stuff is for real. Our little Corp affected the operations of one of the major players in a tiny way.
4. Take the shot. You never know when your 800k isk ship will be able to take out a 23 million isk ship because you had guns you built from scrap and he didn't bring guns at all.

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Day 3: Rifter (and Thrasher) challenge

Today was interesting in that it was the worst day of a bad week irl, but was pretty good in EVE. I had to make myself log in, but it was worth it thanks largely, scratch that- totally, by my corpmates.

Intitial login was pretty boring. Not much was going on so I decided to bottomfeed for a bit, as I wasn't feeling it. Fitted out a noobship with some salvagers and started looting space debris. I did pretty well, but it ended very quickly and predictably. ISLE is really active in Litom and after a salvage they caught me in a HIC bubble outside the station. Popped, podded, and waking up in a new clone. Can you guess where my med clone happened to be? The same station. So now I'm camped in there. I had a JC but as I said I just wasn't feeling it. Exchanged some quick banter in local with ISLE, who were cool about the ridiculously one sided engagement and logged.

Logged back in after a nap and mental reboot and things were kicking a bit better. Flew around in today's rifter and tried to engage a Claw in Jorund. I found them, twice, and they ran both times. Sad pants.

My corpmate Cro was putting together a gypsy fleet one system over and I X'd up. Figured that had to be a great way to lose a ship. I like that guy; I always have fun pewing in his fleets. It seems that Cro's regular fleetmates are somewhat congealing into a semi-standard roster. Think I'll propose some sort of Corp established fleet policy for command and control. Get some tighter small unit bonds going there.

Anyway, apparently Outbreak had thrown down a friendly gauntlet and was even willing to dial back their normal t2 ship deathwagons so we could actually activate some modules. 5 of us were in to their 3. We were a total gypsy fleet hodgepodge. Logistics seemed to take forever, made worse by the Rote Kapelle roam that arrived to pee in the punchbowl and caught Jaz coming in for linkup. Right after Jaz got her fit back together Gentlemen's Club scouts arrived to add their own special seasoning to the party drink. Outbreak was milling around for our planned rumble and it was determined that we'd back each other up a bit. We made all haste for a Rapier on one of the gates and engaged. We did some decent damage, but had to disengage as roughly 3.2 million Gentlemen's Club guys jumped in. Actually probably more like 18, but when you're already outclassed it doesn't matter. Due to a lucky jam by a fleetmate I made it out in structure. Outbreak ended up with a BC kill out of the deal.

So MORE logistics as a lot of people on both sides have to refit. We decide to do the damn thing in Utopia because I own that mother fucker. Also, the multiple Outbreak POSes and constant high Outbreak local count had something to do with it, too. Ok, it had everything to do with it.

We finally get down to the pew pew. 5 man gypsy fleet (rifter, incursus, cormorant, caracal I think, and an "I didn't bother to look") vs a bellicose and 2 rifters. Crosstalk was good but not excessive and primaries were called. Go team. We started at dogfight range so it was just one huge knife fight. Took down one rifter pretty fast and checking the mail I did good damage. Moved on to the second and I apparently got primaried or just unlucky on random drone aggro because 5 warrior IIs put an end to my contribution pretty quickly. Warped out pod to the wrong station and actually passed the pod of the first rifter pilot. I imagine we did a virtual "Fight Club" nod. End result was a total wipe for us, 2 rifters down for them and we got damn close on the bellicose. Not bad for a rag tag pug fleet.

Lessons learned-
1. Drak still can't smack, but he's good in a rumble.
2. "my god it's t2 and therefore uber!" syndrome broken for the rapier.
3. Outbreak stuck to their word
4. Bottomfeeding works, but a group would really improve the odds.
5. In a frig fight once you release a full brace of warrior IIs you can go have a Dr. Pepper or catch up on your housework because it is over for the frigs.

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Eureka! I finally figured it out! Why I have such disrespect for an adversary organization that is clearly superior on the technical side of things. It sure as hell isn't because they've caused me personal pain, because they haven't so much as taken a shot at me. None kills. A goose egg. It's not because they've pissed me off, because I've been playing long enough to know what pushes the big red emo button and unimaginative strategy isn't it.

EVE has a term for sitting in one location for ridiculous periods of time waiting for something to spawn so you can harvest it for little risk while avoiding anything that looks like a threat; only taking breaks to fellate CONCORD for their protection.

It's called highsec mining.

It's a winning strategy if you can swallow your pride, my esteemed war targets, but don't forget to cup the balls.

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Its not because its piracy baby! Its because you're a pathetic bitch.

Had a little issue where our WTs sent out a mass evemail as an attempt to sway corp sentiment toward caving in and paying them off. The response was pretty solidly in favor of "Go fuck yourselves you fucking fucks". A lot of calls to not give in to piracy were made.

I'm greatly offended.

For starters, I didn't get my evemail. I'm all over the KB and blog about being in OUCH so thats just sloppy. Bush league, Dark Grendle, pure bush league. I want my fucking evemail like everyone else.

Secondly, I agree that we shouldn't be giving you douchebags a damn thing. Not because its piracy, its not. Its technically extortion, and its technically a shitty amateurish attempt at it. The chat log posted of the exchange was almost painful to read. The spelling and elocution was horrific for one. People may not think it matters, but I'm here to tell you it does. If some violent mongoloid had a gun on me in the real, and asked for cash in a pained stuttering manner I'd probably give in. I'd feel bad for him and not want to risk it. But why the hell would I even consider giving fake money that I amass in pretend internet spaceships to someone who comes across like that in type? I wouldn't. It wouldn't be entertaining, and thats the name of the game. I'm getting all the entertainment out of this by mocking you.

Also, "We'll follow you to nullsec" is not a threat. If you weren't sad half-carebears you'd know that. As I type this there are more people in local than you've ever been able to amass or throw at us. Every one of them would pop me if given the slightest chance. You guys have gotten a little too used to the kiddie pool that is highsec if you think you coming out here is any kind of threat. It may be super duper scary to all the other toddlers that that fat mean kid likes to dunk them under, but its just not much of a threat for you to take off your water wings, come on out to the big boy pool, and try to do what everyone else is trying to do out here as a general principle. Its not even a threat when you repeat it over and over again, like you did in the convo with our head guy.

In closing. You aren't getting shit, and it isn't because what you're doing is piracy or "wrong". Its because you're you and you're just not intimidating enough to pull it off.

Day 2 - Rifter (and Thrasher) challenge

Did a nice roam with the guys through Providence, saw the sights. Unity station looked good. I've heard that UK, like the noble American Indian, have decided to use all parts of their kill. Pax Amarria's found in storage have been converted into sexy bras and panties for all Amarrian women left behind that have found a new divine purpose in the fast paced adult entertainment industry.

Preacher's daughters clad in the Pax Amarria giving lap dances on the pews of some Amarr cathedral. Hotness.

Of course thats all speculation, because even though we're blue to UK those buttholes won't let me in. Stuck outside on the wrong side of the velvet rope.

Anyway, I'm playing at work and got a damned call just as things started to heat up, which sucked.

Came back and did a little roam out of Prov back home. It was pretty uneventful and I got antsy. Got involved in a little smack in corp chat just for funsies.

Was sitting on a gate somewhere when a Manticore broke cloak. I got a little giddy because I knew my Thrasher could rip it to pieces. I miscalculated. He popped out of jump nearly exactly where he needed to be to launch at me and my oversized shield extender and mwd was all it took to send ship 2 to an early, but expected, end.

Lessons learned.

1. Wed night is a lot better for earning isk than finding fights.
2. As a bomber myself I probably should have known that the situation was kind of a perfect storm to jack me up.
3. Drakenya Mastoviach does not know how to smack in corp effectively.


A Rifter a day...

A little misadventure this evening got me thinking of a nice little internal contest. One rifter a day, flown into combat until I lose it. Until I get bored or 50 rifters, whichever comes last. I wonder if I could talk BC into a medal for this.

Day 1-

Solo roam around the heaven loop. Played cat and mouse a little in Farit. Evaded a fleet in Doril that blotted out the sun with their warrior IIs. Played a little cat and mouse again in Litom with a Cheetah I caught on Dscan. Made contact with the aforementioned fleet's scout and made the snap decision to go Rifter v Rifter with him to see how I did. Had him in armor, but was unable to seal the deal before his overwhelming support jumped in. If you're going on a killmail, at least try to make it a really spectacular one. Got my pod out. It was good fun, and I told the them so in local. Evaded back to home base, put a thrasher in the oven and had to log for some RL.

Lessons learned-
1. I knew that guy was advancing for a big fleet, engaging was stupid.
2. If I was going to be stupid, at least I could have been smart about it and tried to pull him off the gate a ways to get him away from his backup.
3. Hail rounds were pretty underwhelming.

Oh, and Thrashers count for this too. I like Thrashers.

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